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Some cool links to follow:

Barry's Coilgun Design Site - a must see - one of the coolest sites about coil guns you can find on the net


Coil Gun - a nice site, with many photos and some information

Kyle Doerksen's Web World - Railgun Engineering - this one is plenty of information about rail guns, very interesting

The PC timing FAQ by Kris Heidenstrom - A lot of interesting stuff about timing with the PC, even with the old XT's!

Chapter 38 - Inductance - Some very interesting pages about inductance

Wheeler Formulas for inductance

Electronic's And Etc. - Some circuits (and etc (-: )

Various Schematics and Diagrams

Other interesting stuff

Here are some links about another subject, that stuff may some day change the way we move around space... The matter attracted my attention and soon I'll be designing a software simulation for a prototype of a kind of GIT device.

UFODrive.htm the GIT gateway page! - here you will find info about generating thrust without the famous physics law: action and reaction. There are also many links to other pages.

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