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Here you will find about some efforts and experiments building and studying those interesting "tech toys" - the mass drivers, also known as coil guns and rail guns.

I hope you enjoy this subject and like it as I do. Feel free to send me comments or suggestions . The information exchange  was the main reason that encouraged me to show my experiences on the net. And more, helped out with doubts and stimulated my "scientific curiosity".

I'm a Computer Engineer and work more with software than with hardware, but since my first contacts with electronics, I haven't stopped dealing with electronics anymore.

Although you find information mainly about coil guns, I'm actually trying to use some concepts of both kinds of mass drivers.

I'm trying to make the most theoretical studies as possible/needed before building an entire prototype. That way already has saved me some time and frustrated experiments that would have not leaded me to something conclusive, as can be seen on the Specifics page.


15/05/2000: Written some considerations about the resistance of the coil.

11/03/1999: Added a new page, Other Stuff

06/01/1999: Finally found a good inductance formula (Specifics page).

05/18/1999: Some good news added to the Other Ideas page.

04/18/1999: Made some minor changes on the pages.

04/08/1999: Added some links about inductance resources, and also another matter, the GIT devices. Although some people stands a little sceptical about it, I believe it works.

03/21/1999: Added the calculations for inductance effect in a coil gun: see the Specifics page, in the section Inductance.

03/05/1999: Added the Other Ideas page to discuss some other stuff. Added some text to the Specifics page, in the section discussing about inductance

February 1999: Some corrections made to the energy calculations in the theory page, thanks to Barry.

01/19/1999: Added the theory page

January 1999: Started to publish the site


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